CT Management Solutions was established in 2015.  We are situated in Strand, Western Cape, South Africa.

We provide a service in the fruit export industry to streamline information between different divisions.

Coming from a background where taking part of and managing all sectors in the fruit export industry, give us the advantage to understand the different diversities in any fruit export company.

Our focus is to do an analysis assessment of systems, data, processes, procedures and flow of information in all diversities in your organization.  We train staff in different departments and give solutions to improve the current system by adding new modules and assisting the programmers to develop the best possible option for users.  We analyze your system and recommend the best possible option for your company.

CT Solutions manage your movement of stock by focusing on the inventory of the product. We assist in Masterfile setups.  We lead presentations and workshops in your organization to train people to be efficient. We simplify your audit trials.  We give support assistance to finalize and create the best possible management reports.  We assist with different reports setups and development.

We manage all projects from the packing facility to the end customer. We have been working with logistics, marketing, technical, financial and quality departments and therefor understand your needs.

We keep up to date with the Fruit Export industry standards.

CT solutions work with various fruit exporters in the industry

CT solutions work with various fruit export and ERP programs

So what can you expect of CT Management Solutions?

  • Assess your requirements and give you solutions
  • Meet with all divisions
  • Study your processes
  • Look at your flow chart
  • Look at different options
  • Analyze your procedures
  • Go through the checklist
  • Meet our deadlines
  • Give you feedback
  • Implement your solution
  • Assist with development of new labels and designs for each market as per client requirements